Getting to Grips with Dog Dental Care

While the good news is that dogs' teeth are not as prone to suffering from cavities as humans are, they're still likely to end up with tartar buildup, and other conditions that can cause much more serious issues – such as heart, liver and kidney disease, and in some cases they can even be life-threatening.
As well as having regular check-ups, there are a few things you can do yourself to make sure your furry friend has the best dental health possible.
The most vital part of their dental hygiene is – just as it is for you- brushing your dog's teeth.
This will improve their general oral hygiene and lower the risk of infection, and if you make it a daily routine, it will be much easier for both of you.

Despite taking care of your dog's teeth; bad luck or genetics can still cause serious dental conditions.
There a few signs to look out for, and any of these symptoms should prompt you to see a veterinarian:

• A change in your dog's eating habits where they refuse to eat or lose their appetite.
• Bad breath
• Missing teeth
• Discolored teeth
• Sudden, excessive drooling
• Bleeding gums
• Yellow or brown tartar crust along the gum line
• Bumps or growths inside the mouth

Make it a routine to check your dog's mouth weekly.
As well as brushing your dog's teeth, there are a few other ways to keep up the good work.

Giving your dog dry food, as opposed to soft food, makes a huge difference, as the soft food sticks more easily to the teeth and creates decay.
Chewing bones or toys that are specially designed for dental health are also an excellent addition to keeping up the maintenance, so there are plenty of ways to make sure your best friend's dental health stays on top.
However, as with everything relating to your dog's wellbeing, you might want a professional check up once in a while to avoid issues further down the road – and at the end of the day, it will leave you both smiling.

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