Sharing Food with Your Dog: Yes or No

It's Friday night; it's just you, a movie, a lovely meal in front of you...and your dog at the end of the couch begging to have a taste. Does this sound familiar? 

As little as we want our dogs to beg for food, sometimes we just want to give them a little small treat. Will it do them any harm? It depends on what it is.
Have a look through this list to find out what's a yes, and what's a big no-no, for our four-legged friends:
• Yogurt: Yes! With its high protein content, plain natural yogurt should be absolutely fine in small amounts. Too much dairy isn't ideal, but a low quantity once in a while is okay. Make sure to pick a yogurt that doesn't contain artificial sweeteners, and especially not xylitol, as it's toxic for dogs.
• Avocado: No! This fruit contains persin and is a big no for dogs. It's a chemical that reacts very badly with their digestive system so should not be given to them.
• Carrots: Yes! These are a big yes for dogs, as their crunchiness is excellent for their teeth and, at the same time, they're packed with vitamins.
• Broccoli: Yes! This veggie is packed with nutrients and can work as a great vitamin boost for dogs, although make sure not to give your dog too much, as an intake higher than 10 percent of their diet can cause gastrointestinal irritation.
• Salmon: Yes! It's full of Omega 3 which is an extremely healthy fatty acid, so while a bit of cooked salmon will give your dog a shinier coat, it's also good for their heart.
• Citrus Fruit: No! Theoretically, dogs can eat citrus fruit and be fine, but generally speaking, in most cases it's not good for them. If they have a high intake of citric acid, it can upset their stomach badly, so it's just not worth the risk.
• Chocolate: Big no! If you haven't heard about this before, you should make a mental note ASAP. Chocolate is widely known to be extremely poisonous for dogs, and can in many cases be life-threatening.
• Pumpkin: Yes! This is an excellent source of Vitamin A and fiber. It can also help with boosting digestion.
• Bones: Nope! Today, most veterinarians are advising against giving your dog bones. The reason for this is that the raw ones can contain all kinds of bacteria if not handled right, while the cooked ones can be brittle and get stuck in your pooch's throat. You're better off buying chewing bones in the pet shop.
• High-fat, salty, fast-food: No! This almost speaks for itself, but all types of “junk food” are a big no for your little friend. This is because the high intake of salt will mess up their hydration, and fatty food is never a good idea for their sensitive stomachs. So even if your dog looks and sounds like he would love a slice of pizza, it's certainly not the healthiest choice for them!

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